A/Prof Tham Kum Ying

A/Prof Tham Kum Ying

Emergency Medicine

Senior Consultant

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Emergency Department

Diagnostic Dilemmas: A Panel Discussion

“Medicine is a science of uncertainty and art of probability” – this is more so in Emergency Medicine. With limited information, increased time pressures and multiple interruptions, decision-making is raw and can result in fatal errors.

Diagnostic dilemmas and errors are a complex and multifaceted problem. There is no single solution that is likely to achieve the changes that are needed. To address this challenge and to improve outcomes for patients and their families, join the discussion with the Stalwarts of Emergency Medicine with tips on strategies and various approaches to overcome this.

We will discuss each strategy with illustrative clinical examples, with ways to overcome these cognitive biases. We will discuss the relevance of the Bayesian method, Heuristics, and the application of modern modalities like search engines, blogs, and using Artificial Intelligence to improve our patient care.