Adj Assoc Prof Kenneth Heng Wei Jian


Emergency Medicine

Senior Consultant

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Trauma Credentials:
Fellowship’ed in Trauma and Injury Control, Medical College of Wisconsin, USA
Registrar’ed at The Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, Melbourne Australia

Medical Education Credentials:
Masters in Health Professions Education, MGH USA
NHG EM programme director (retired)

Wishlist – the resurrection of monthly inter-ED tennis

"Bespoke" Trauma Resuscitation

The mighty ATLS, resides deep in each EP’s brain
Where the A-B-C-D-E approach, is ritualised and ingrained

Ignore the shock state! Thy airway you’ll shall first secure!!
Run 4 bags of O-neg, it’s every crumping BP’s cure

One size doesn’t fit all, you realise 20 M&Ms later
“ED’s dropped the ball!”; to physiological cues we must first cater

This pedantic approach deserves a re-look
Presenting Trauma Resuscitation…. resequenced and bespoke.