Adj Asst Prof Rahul Goswami


Emergency Medicine

Senior Consultant

Changi General Hospital

Rahul Goswami is an Emergency Physician and a flight physician. He is a Fellow of the Australasian College for EM, holds a Masters in Disaster Medicine and a PGCert in Aeromedical Retrieval & Transport. He runs 3 medical education portals, is faculty for ACGME-I residency and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at NUS. He was lucky enough to work on three continents, fly for RFDS and Never Walks Alone in a red shirt! He current interests lie in ECLS as he believes water cooling your computer and ECMO are inherently similar.

O-MI God … Is it serious?

Being at the door front of acute care can sometimes reveal flaws in entrenched dogma.
Ever think that patient with a subtle TWI in AVL could have been “cathed” earlier? Is it always 2mm elevations or will something less do? Can you convince anyone that a deWinters wave is trouble brewing?

If so, then maybe you are a growing part of the EM populace which thinks that STEMI or NSTEMI doesn’t quite cut it as a sole paradigm for coronary intervention.
Heretic or convert or something in between… I offer no miracles - only perspectives.