Clin Prof C Rajasoorya


Endocrinology / Internal Medicine

Senior Consultant

Sengkang General Hospital

Professor C Rajasoorya is an internist as well as an endocrinologist, currently Campus Education Director at Sengkang General Hospital, Clinical Professor at NUS-YLL School of Medicine, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, and Adjunct Professor at LKC Medicine, NTU. He is passionate about medical education and has taken various administrative and leadership roles at the national level. He is a recipient of numerous teaching and excellence awards. He continues to enjoy clinical practice and teaching all levels of healthcare undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Endocrine Emergencies for the Emergency Physician

The approximate 25-minute talk will highlight some common and less common emergencies likely to be encountered by healthcare staff who work in emergency departments of hospital. The talk will concentrate on the context of clinical suspicion, important targeted clinical findings and focus on investigations that the emergency physician can and should probably do as well as outline important management principles. Some common areas of caution and traps will be emphasized. [Diabetic emergencies which are probably the commonest seen in emergency medicine will not be covered within this discussion]