Dr Biswas Agnihotri

Dr Biswas Agnihotri


Senior Consultant

National University Hospital

Dept of Neonatology, Khoo Teck Puat - Natl University Children's Medical Institute

Neonatal Resuscitation in ED

Resuscitation needs in the Neonatal age group usually present at the time of delivery or at NICU. Occasionally a baby discharged to the community may turn unwell and present to the ED acutely unwell. With most deliveries occurring in birthing centres, an ED physician’s exposure to neonatal resuscitation has become limited. Although the best outcomes after neonatal resuscitation are likely to be achieved by an ‘well -oiled’ team trained for the purpose, attention to few basic principles and effective execution of simple skillsets at the ED can promote morbidity free survival. This presentation focuses on challenges of resuscitating a newborn at an ED environment and possible solutions to mitigate them.